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Tamara Suber is a multi-media performance artist and sculpture. Her range of works include photography, video, sculpture, performance, and installation. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has a bachelor's degree in fine art from the Maryland Institute College of Art and masters degree in fine art from the University of Pennsylvania. Tamara has participated in exhibitions and artist residencies nationwide. Her research and interest in relational aesthetics, American history, nature, and transformation has taken her as far as India. She has shown in-group exhibitions nationwide, and has completed residences at the Vermont Studio Center artist and the Skowhegan School of Painting. Her works draw directly from a desire to recreate fantasy and connect man, animal, and land. She is often the protagonist in her works. Her pieces represent the documentation of her very real life adventures. The exploration and celebration of environment, community, work, and play are driving vehicles within her performances and photographs. Her sculptures are made from organic materials such as salt, metal, wool, and cement. They contrast and yet oddly complement her highly saturated and cinematic photographs and video works. Her performances require patience and endurance from her and the viewer. They mirror the simplistic and poetic nature of her sculptures. Tamara’s unique lens allows her to cultivate harmony between her sculpture, video, and performance work. Often her sculptures are props within her videos and performances. The line is blurred within her videos as to what is fact or fiction.

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